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Self-Compassion for Helping Professionals: Caring for Others without Losing Yourself

November 8 @ 12:15 pm - 3:30 pm

Mental health professionals, health-care workers, and others who work in a helping field often have an enhanced capacity for empathic resonance.  This is, in part, why we are so good at our jobs. Unfortunately, there’s a downside to this evolved capacity. When we are in the presence of others in emotional or physical pain, we feel their pain. Over time, if we are constantly giving our energy, care and compassion to others – without offering ourselves the same – we can deplete our emotional resources and experience exhaustion, stress, empathic distress, burnout, and a decrease in overall well-being.

It’s essential that we learn to have self-compassion for the challenges of professional helping so that our cup doesn’t run dry.


Self-compassion is crucial because it allows us to resource ourselves so that we can sustain giving to others without burning out. The more compassion flows inward, the more that’s available to flow outward. Self-compassion also offers a counterbalance to the self-critical and perfectionistic tendencies that can often plague those in helping professions.  By acknowledging the difficulty of professional caregiving, recognizing our own humanity, and giving ourselves the same kindness and support that we offer our clients, we can replenish our energy reserves and sustain our passion for our work. This, in turn leads to more sustainable and effective care for our clients and patients.

This transformative workshop led by Kristin Neff, world renowned self-compassion researcher and expert, will present theory and research on the vital role that self-compassion plays for helping professionals. Through experiential exercises, discussions, and practical strategies, this workshop will guide you to develop a self-compassion practice that supports your well-being, resilience, and ability to continue the important work that you do in this world.

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November 8
12:15 pm - 3:30 pm
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