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Mindful Self-Compassion Core Skills Workshop

August 10, 2022 - August 19, 2022


This workshop is an opportunity to immerse yourself in some of the key practices and exercises of the full 8-week MSC program in an intensive online format. The course is intended for mental health and medical professionals as well as the general population.


MSC teaches the skill of self-compassion to enhance our capacity for emotional wellbeing. Mindfulness is the first step—turning toward difficult experience (emotions, sensations, thoughts). Self-kindness comes next—bringing care and concern to ourselves. Finally we honor our shared humanity in the experience of imperfection. Taken together, the elements of self-compassion comprise a state of warm, connected presence during difficult moments in our lives.

Burgeoning research shows that self-compassion is strongly associated with emotional wellbeing, coping with life challenges, lower levels of anxiety and depression, healthy habits such as diet and exercise, and more satisfying, compassionate relationships. Self-compassion includes the capacity to comfort, soothe and validate ourselves, but also to protect and provide for ourselves, and to motivate ourselves to achieve our goals. Fortunately, anyone can learn self-compassion.

These events are intended to raise awareness of Mindful Self-Compassion and, in many cases, the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion.

This event is a benefit for the non-profit Center for Mindful Self-Compassion, which means that the teachers are donating all teaching fees to fund the operations of the organization.

What you will learn: 

  • Practice self-compassion in daily life
  • Understand the evidence-based benefits of self-compassion
  • Motivate yourself with kindness rather than criticism
  • Handle difficult emotions with greater ease
  • Manage caregiver fatigue
  • Increase your happiness with savoring and self-appreciation
  • Teach simple self-compassion practices to others

Please Note: This workshop contains the highlights of the MSC training but is not the entire course and therefore does not fulfill the pre-requisite for attending teacher training or participating in other CMSC programs for MSC graduates.


What to expect: 

This workshop is completely live and online.
Program activities include short talks, meditation, experiential exercises, group discussion, and home practices. The goal is for participants to directly experience self-compassion and learn practices that evoke self-compassion in daily life.

No previous experience with mindfulness or meditation is required to attend this workshop.
Numerous 4-person breakout groups provide an opportunity for participants to connect and share their direct experience of the practices with others.

MSC is a resource-building program rather than a retreat.
In that regard, difficult emotions are likely to emerge as we give ourselves the kindness that we need. Participants are asked to attend to their own safety and wellbeing, and there will be trained MSC teachers ready to support participants as we proceed together through the course. We are committed to making the journey safe, interesting and enjoyable for everyone.

**Please be aware that this workshop will be video-recorded by CMSC and made available (and not downloadable) only to participants in the workshop for a period of four weeks after the conclusion of the program. You will be asked to acknowledge and accept this on the registration form.


Included in this Program:

  • Self-Compassion Mentoring Sessions
  • Engage with highly trained and experienced Self-Compassion Mentors for on-the-spot learning and application of Self-Compassion skills and teachings.
  • Each Self-Compassion Mentor is a highly trained MSC teacher, who has achieved the highest level of training in Mindful Self-Compassion.
  • Empower yourself and optimize learning by attending additional interactive practice sessions.


What you can expect:

  • Clarify what you are learning
  • Apply skills immediately in real time
  • Answers to your questions
  • Address difficulties
  • Deepen your understanding of Self-Compassion
  • Review, personalize and apply practices
  • Optimize learning in community through Common Humanity

A premium aspect of this Core Skills training is the unique opportunity to engage in virtual practice group sessions while going through the Core Skills program. Most trainings do not include this kind of opportunity. These extra practice sessions are designed to help you maximize learning and get a jump start on integrating Mindful Self-Compassion into your life.


Affinity Groups

In order to support diversity, equity and belonging we are launching two virtual affinity groups to support the learning of certain diverse participants within the Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) Core Skills Training Program. These adjunctive training sessions will give some attendees the opportunity to participate in relevant affinity groups of their choice. Affinity groups are developed for those who self-identify with a particular underrepresented, social-cultural identity such as racial identity, sexual orientation, non-binary gender identity. These MSC group sessions will provide a safe space for exploring shared identity-based experiences in relationship to learning and practicing Mindful-Self-Compassion. The two MSC Core Skills affinity groups scheduled are as follows:

People of Color (underrepresented racial identities)

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Genderqueer, Intersex, Asexual, Pansexual+ (LGBTQIAP+) (sexual orientation, gender identity, nonbinary/gender expansion & expression)



August 10, 2022
August 19, 2022
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